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Over 40 years ago, Alton Woodard began to share his passion and knowledge of pecan through Woodard's Pecan Farm.  Since that time, our family has supplied the highest quality pecan trees to North Carolina and the surrounding states.
Hal Woodard
Owner, Woodard Farm and Nursery

In the year 2000, Alton and Hal began to discuss Hal's future involvment with Woodard Pecan Nursery.  With his uncle Alton's guidance, Hal began to prepare for this change.  In that same year, Hal began Woodard's Farm and Nursery.  Following in his uncle Alton's footsteps, Hal began to actively grow a variety of plants and attended meetings and certification classes.  He also has enjoyed traveling with his uncle and having the opportunity to meet fellow nurserymen throughout North Caorlina and across the country.  Hal is looking forward to this same continued service and relationships that all of us have come to expect from the Woodard name.

Alton Woodard
Founder of Woodard Pecan Farm

Alton Woodard had a passion and deep knowledge of the pecan industry.  Over the years he has shared that passion and knowledge with his family.  He worked hard to provide the best service and highest quality products.  We will all miss Alton, but have the great assurance of knowing that he has recieved a great heavenly reward.  


A number of years ago, Alton began planning and preparing for a transition.  During this time he began to pass on his knowledge and experience to his nephew, Hal Woodard.  It was his desire that the tradition and legacy of Woodard's Pecan trees continue on.


“We are a family oriented pecan and fruit tree nursery. We look forward to making you part of our family.  Let us help you with your plant needs. So what are you waiting for? Let's meet​." 

Hal Woodard, Owner

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